It’s Time To Start Winning

trump blue ribbon.pngWhen did ‘winning’ become a bad thing?   Whether you like it or not, there have always been winners and losers.  Only one team wins the superbowl, the other loses.  Only one horse wins the Kentucky Derby, the others lose.   Only one person will win the presidential election, the other loses.   I like winning.  That doesn’t mean I get to win all the time.   I’ve lost competitions, lost  money on investments and lost business cases I thought were sound.  It happens.  Hopefully I have learned something from the experience.   I don’t like being a loser but if someone is going to win, someone will likely lose.   In competition, the world of win-win in most circumstances is a hope and a dream.  If you lose, get over it and move on.

I’m not sure when we quit celebrating winners and focused more on making sure losers don’t get their feelings hurt.   I can remember years ago in elementary school we would have ‘field day’ where classrooms competed against one another in outdoor events.  At the end of the day, there was one winner who got the blue ribbon.  We all congratulated the winner.  That was it.    Now-a-days, everyone gets to win.  Even if you don’t contribute much or come in last you get a ‘participation ribbon’.  Really?   When do our kids get to learn that there are winners and losers in sports, in business and in politics.

I like winning.  I think others do too.   Competition is not a bad thing.  Wanting to be the best in  sports, in business, or as a country, is a noble goal.   And wanting to win for our country doesn’t mean we don’t care about others.  When we win, we are strong and when we are strong, we can help others succeed.  The way I look at it, someone needs to be number one, why not us.  I don’t know about you, but I am tired of losing at trade, with jobs, in immigration, with terrorist, etc.  I want to win and I want to elect a leader who knows how to win.  That, dear friends, is Donald Trump.    You can like him, not like him, think he’s rude, too blunt, whatever, but at the end of the day you have to agree, he has the courage to win.   He is a fighter and will fight for us.   He won in business and yes that meant that he had to make some tough decisions that sometimes impacted people but he had the courage to do it.  Some people don’t like that he took advantage of the rules and laws to win.   Well, then change the rules and laws.

Look at the statistics, Trump was spot-on when he said we just don’t win anymore.  More than 70% of Americans agree that the country is not going in the right direction.   Hillary has been part of the same ‘ole gang’ that has kept us from winning.    Isn’t it time we gave her a ‘participation ribbon’ and sent her home?  In deciding who you will vote for this November, remember, it’s not about whether Trump wins or loses.  It’s about whether America wins or loses.  I choose to win.  I choose Trump because ‘We Win With Trump!”


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