Score Better Wages With Trump

dollar signIncreasing minimum wage is one way to help those struggling to make ends meet.  Higher wages means more people can become self-sufficient and earn a decent living for their family.   But providing higher wages means higher cost for a business.  How can they afford to raise wages  and still stay in business?  Elect Trump.

Trump’s tax plan can facilitate higher wages.  How?  By giving small businesses a tax break.  With lower taxes, businesses will be able to keep more of their hard earned money and in turn increase worker’s pay, grow their business and  hire more workers.  Hillary’s plan does the opposite.  It increases taxes for businesses giving them less money.   With less money, there is no way they can raise worker’s pay or hire more people and stay in business.

Workers who advocate for increasing the minimum wage surely understand that the money has to come from somewhere.  One way their employer can afford to pay higher wages  is to lower their taxes.  And the only way to lower their taxes is to elect Trump.   Lower taxes – better wages – growing businesses – more jobs.  It’s clear that  We Win With Trump!


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