Deportation . . . It’s the Law

its the defines deportation as “the act and process of formally removing foreign nationals from one country and returning them to their country or origin.  The United States will deport foreign nationals if they violate U.S. immigration law.”    So asking someone whether they support the deportation of illegal immigrants is like asking them will they comply with our laws.   Of course we should comply with the law requiring deportation.  Why?  Because once you make an exception to any law you have set the stage to make exception to all laws and then we become a lawless nation.   If you don’t like the law, there is a process to get it changed.  Until then, it is incumbent upon all Americans to comply with the law.   So let’s quit acting like Trump’s support for deportation is a problem.   It’s not.  It’s  upholding the law.

Unfortunately we have not been enforcing the law for many years.   This creates a real mess when it comes to how to handle illegal immigrants that have been here for dozens of years.   We, as a nation, helped to create this problem, and need to work together to straighten out the mess.   We are smart people and will figure it out.  But in the end, we are a nation of law and order and must uphold the law.   And that folks is exactly what Trump will do.   We Win With Trump!


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