Save Our Cities

chicagoTrump is correct when he says that the policies of the democrats have ruined our cities.  I live near a major city.  It makes my heart ache when I see the conditions that exist. Not unlike many cities, crime is high, education is poor, and there is no real plan to make things better. I have done volunteer work to try to help but the problem is too massive.   Throwing more money at the situation is not the answer. Saving our cities will require change, big change.

The first step in driving change is getting people to acknowledge the current conditions.  Trump has done this.  He speaks the truth about the condition of some of our major cities and the truth hurts.  But you can’t get better if you never acknowledge that a problem exists.  Next,  you need a vision and path to success.  In Trump’s terms this includes safety, better education and more job opportunity.   But most importantly, people who live and work in the city must be passionate about change and be willing to put forth the effort to make change happen.   Given the right skills and tools, and provided with strong leadership, people who live and work in the city can make take their city back.

Making these changes requires a leader that has passion, vision and a keen understanding that the heart of the city is it’s people and it’s success can only be achieved when people succeed.  It’s time to save our cities.   It’s time for Donald Trump.



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