Our Freedom Depends on Our Values

flagAs we watch the violence spreading across our country it has become apparent that we desperately need to bring back American values.  Core to having freedom of choice is making the right choice and understanding the difference between right and wrong.   For example, it is wrong to steal, it is wrong to cheat, it is wrong to lie, it is wrong to loot, it is wrong to kill innocent people,  it is wrong to abuse children, etc.  Most people would agree that these are values we all hold dear but if so, how can our country be in such disarray?  Somehow our value system has been compromised by the word ‘tolerance’.   If we impose our values on someone we are called out as intolerant.  But our values is what defines us as a great nation.  When given freedom of choice, our values enable us to make the right choice.  When given freedom of speech, our values enable us to be respectful when exercising this right.  And when given the freedom to protest, our values is what keeps us from turning to looting and violence.   As our values diminish so does our freedom as more laws and controls are put in place to manage our choices.

We have already lost many of our inner cities to the lack of values.  Our only recourse in the short term is more police, more arrests, and more prison terms.  But for the long term, let’s figure out how to bring back our values.  Let’s start teaching our children the value of honesty, respect and fairness giving all children an opportunity to grow up in a world where they are free to make choices and will make the right choice.  Let’s not be afraid to impose our values on those who have gotten lost, given up hope or see crime as their only recourse.   Let’s ask  our faith community to help rebuild our communities through faith and values by sending their next mission trip to the closest inner city.  And lets encourage our many volunteer organizations and foundations, who have in the past focused their efforts on third world countries, to redirect their resources to help our own citizens gain the education, values and resources to succeed in our great country.

We must bring our values back.  Our freedom depends on it.



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