The Media is “With Her”

media-2If ever a doubt existed, WikiLeaks emails confirm that the media is “With Her”.   Never have I witnessed such gross negligence in reporting as that related to the coverage of Hillary Clinton.  You would think that journalist, who should pride themselves in uncovering the truth, would be eager to investigate the lies, deceit, corruption and cover-ups that Hillary Clinton and her campaign have been involved in.  But instead they are happy to look the other way.  Why?  Are they in so deep with Hillary that they can’t turn back?  Do they think the American public is so stupid we won’t notice?  Or is the media just as corrupt as the Clinton Collective?

It’s a sad state of affairs when the American public has to look to WikiLeaks for the truth.   I can’t imagine that the journalistic skills of the media are so poor that they could not have uncovered some of the stuff that is being uncovered by WikiLeaks.  Are there any media outlets left that have not been assimilated by the Clinton Collective?

On November 8th, the people of this country will elect Trump, take our country back and Make America Great Again.  At that point, what the media does or has done will become irrelevant . . . just like them . . . just like ‘her’.


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