The Winning Answer to College Debt

graduationThere is no doubt that college tuition is expensive.  But there is also no doubt that we have some of the best colleges in the world.  Students come from across the globe to attend our institutions.  In American colleges, students are not only given the opportunity to learn but to study in state-of-the art facilities and labs.  All this costs money.  One answer is to get the government to pay for college or forgive college debt but that only means that the American public pays because we, the people, fund the government.  Why not look for a winning answer on how to address college debt?  And what might that be?  Great paying job opportunities!

Great paying jobs for college graduates will allow them to repay debt in a reasonable amount of time and then use the continuing income to buy a car, a house, start a business and live the American dream.  Is is the sustainable answer.  Taxpayer subsidized funding is not sustainable because as overall expenses grow to fund better education, taxes would have to grow to cover them and we just can’t pay anymore taxes.    This is not the path to excellence and is certainly not the path to winning.   Most people don’t want hand-outs.  They want opportunity.  Creating great paying jobs is the winning answer to college debt and gives college graduates the chance for long-term success.


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