The Woman Card

cardsHillary is depending on getting votes because she is “a woman”.  Unfortunately, this will happen.  Women across the country are eager to see the first woman become president but need to stop and think of the ramifications of electing a woman who has a history of poor performance.   I’m all for women in leadership and for equality.  I am also for making sure we put the best candidate in the job.  In the corporate world I was a strong advocate for women and minorities and  promoted a record number during my executive tenure, not because they were woman or minorities but because they were the best candidate for the job.   Doing otherwise is a disservice to everyone.  If Hillary is elected she will ruin our country for decades to come and ruin the reputation of woman as leaders for a long time thereafter.

We should always elect, promote and support the best candidate based on their performance regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or any other attribute.  There is too much at stake in this election.   The woman card will not give us a winning hand.  A Trump card will!


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