Women Are Focusing on Issues

us-mapWomen in this country want the same thing as everyone else: Safety, security, good jobs, fair pay, economic growth and a better future for our kids.  They realize that Americans need all these things to be successful.  Donald Trump offers policies and positions that will bring much needed change to America.  I have been following the election through various media and have been appalled at the corruption, lies, pay-to-play and voter violence associated with Hillary Clinton and her campaign.  But one of the most appalling things is that Hillary thinks that women are so feeble that they can’t deal with stupid sexual comments or can’t see through her campaign’s attempt to garner women’s votes based on unsubstantiated accusations.  Really?  Give me a break.  Women are smarter than that and are focusing on the real issues in this country.

Donald Trump will help us take our country back and preserve the freedom we hold so dear.  He knows how to create jobs and will put America first.   The truth is that none of us will ever agree with any candidate 100% of the time but I hope we can all agree that lies, corruption, deceit and cover-ups like those surrounding Hillary should never be allowed to exist in our government.  So if you are one of those women who are still undecided in this election because of some potty mouth talk, put your ‘big girl pants on’ and deal with the minutia that is diverting you from the real issues.   We need change and Trump will make it so.   We Win With Trump!


Photo credit:  http://picturerumahminimalis.com/map/map-united-states-flag.html



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