Corruption Galore . . . How Does It Happen?

corruptionAs things continue to unfold and the breadth and depth of the corruption in the Clinton campaign and our government is slowly revealed, you have to wonder how we got here.   Most people can’t believe what is going on and wonder why no one in government has spoken up.  Are they all corrupt?  Maybe or it could be something else.  Corruption exists in many companies and can go unchecked for a long time until one day, something happens and the whole organization is exposed.  The investigations begin and people start wondering why nobody saw it coming.   The truth is, many people are aware of wrong-doing, some may have tried to say something or do something about it but if leadership is corrupt, it is a losing battle.  Those who try to bring up unethical behavior or wrongdoing are often marked as ‘non team players’ and swept aside.  Those who persist in seeing justice are labeled as having ‘sharp elbows’ and eventually are ‘dealt with’.  People see how these things are handled and decide that it’s not worth it to speak up because they don’t want to lose their job and/or speaking up won’t change things.  Corruption continues to go unchecked until something happens that cannot be controlled by those in power and eventually the game is up.

Our country has reached this threshold and it is frightening.  The ‘powerful’ that have successfully controlled activities (which include the Clintons), the media and the narrative are now being challenged by a courageous outsider, Donald Trump, who is not afraid to speak the truth.  Due to the corruption of government agencies and the media, Americans are having to rely on WikiLeaks and undercover stings, who are not controlled by those in power, to get to the truth.  Eventually the truth will be revealed and the corruption will be exposed at which time it will be up to us, the American citizens, to take action.

It’s time for Americans to stand up and demand justice and hold those who have broken the law accountable.  It’s time to elect a leader who will not tolerate lies, deceit, pay-to-play and cronyism and will make sure that justice will be served.   It’s time to put aside partisanship and do what is right for America.   It’s time to elect Donald Trump.


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