Voting Based on Gender Reinforces the Very Thing Women Fight Against Every Day

man-womanUnequal or unfair treatment of people based on their gender is alive and well in America as demonstrated by the women who have decided to vote for Hillary just because she is “a woman”.   I recently watched a young lady who was interviewed and said she was voting for Hillary because she wanted to be part of making history in electing the first woman president but could not point to a single issue or policy that Hillary was touting.  Geez, can you imagine if anyone said they were voting for Trump because he was a man.  It would be a media frenzy.

What women should understand is that voting for a candidate  based on their gender is reinforcing the very thing that women fight against everyday – unfair treatment based on gender.  Women who get suckered into emotional voting based on gender have no right to speak on equality and no right to complain when other important decisions, whether its a position or pay, are based on gender.    After all, their voting decision just reinforced gender as a viable attribute for making an important decision.

The historical significance of having a female candidate for a major party is so much smaller than the historical significance if Hillary gets to the White House and our country continues to decline into a third world mess where lies, cover-ups and pay-for-play feeds government corruption.    If women want more and better jobs, a stronger economy, strong borders, safety and security and to be counted as a real voice, then the choice could not be clearer.  Vote Trump!

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