The Swamp is Leaking

drain-swampThere are many  who live in the D.C. swamp.  Politicians, media, big donors, lobbyist, government officials and a group of others who swim in the  special ‘circle’ of friends.   Through valiant efforts of a few courageous reporters, Wikileaks and media outlets, information is slowly leaking out of the swamp and the breadth and depth of corruption is being exposed.   The lies, pay-to-play, special favors and cover-ups are the result of an intricate pattern of connected people who are obliged to help one another  . . . for a price.  Most American voters are tired of it and want change.  Some, who benefit from the activity, are bent on keeping things as they are.

It is becoming obvious that Hillary and her swamp friends are desperate to stay in power to keep things as they are.  They are most likely also afraid that if Trump is elected and “Drains the Swamp” that their shenanigans will be exposed.  Well, folks, I say it’s time for change, to take our country back and to elect government officials who have our best interest in mind and who will represent us, the people.   The only way that we can accomplish that is to “Drain the Swamp” and the only person that can lead that effort is Trump.  For those of you who love this country, who want to grow and prosper, who want to keep our freedom, the choice could not be more clear.  It’s time to elect Donald Trump as our president!


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