Veterans Deserve Better

veteransWhen veterans return home from protecting our freedom,  we should honor them and help them re-engage in our community.   Some may want to pursue education while others are looking for employment.  There are also some who have been wounded or have other health issues that need to be tended to.  Whatever their need, it is important that we serve them as they have served us.   We need efficient and effective programs and processes that help them with educational choices, finding employment and most importantly assist them with their health needs.   In particular, their medical needs should be addressed in a timely manner, with quality service and no hassle processes.

I am looking forward to a Donald Trump presidency for many reasons, one of which is his commitment to fixing broken processes so that we can better serve our veterans.  Trump is right when he talks about dismantling the bureaucracy and reducing complexity.  As a business transformation executive I have led many such initiatives resulting in better service and lower cost.  Trump will bring business sense to our government and along with it business process improvement.  I am looking forward to being a part of the change.  With Trump we have the opportunity to Make America Great Again!


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