If You Can Stand It You Deserve It

scarry-eyes1My dad used to say “If You Can Stand It You Deserve It” which meant quit complaining and go do something about it.  On November 8th we have an opportunity to do just that – do something about how our country is run.  If you are tired of jobs leaving our country, the terrorist threat, uncontrolled immigration, crime in our inner cities, failing education system, rising healthcare cost and a $20 trillion debt, do something about it and vote for Trump.  There are 3 days left until Nov 8th and there are many ways to engage.  Last Thursday we volunteered at our local GOP office to organize materials needed for election day, today my spouse is knocking on doors and I am putting in double duty on pro-Trump social media.  Why?  Because we can’t stand it and we don’t deserve what is happening.    If you are ready for change, better jobs, controlled immigration, safer inner-cities, improved national security, better care for our vets, better education and the opportunity to live the American dream, then get out and vote for Trump.  America deserves better and Trump can lead us there.  Vote Trump and be a part of the change!


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