Real News vs Reality TV News

media-outletsNews, defined by some as noteworthy events, has become lost in the “reality TV” age of reporting.  As journalist scramble to find the one bloodied protester in a crowd or poke a stick at an official to summon a viral response, the real news gets lost.  Reality TV News has done our country a disservice as they focus our attention to which Hollywood star can say the rudest thing about someone or why some fashion designer won’t provide services to the First Lady.  Meanwhile, the real news and the people impacted by the real news are forgotten.  So what does the real news sound like?

  • 20 veterans commit suicide each day
  • 3,100 violent crimes are committed each day (these are only reported crimes)
  • 43.1 million people including 11.5 million children live in poverty
  • 15.8 million households are ‘food insecure’ – that means they are hungry
  • 131 drug overdoses occur each day
  • More than 500,000 people are homeless

How have we, as a country, lost focus on this?  Where is the outrage?   Where is the protest? Why is this not front page news every day?  Have we become so numb to these outrageous statistics that it doesn’t fit our definition as “newsworthy”.   There is a huge opportunity for the media to make a difference by reporting on these facts everyday, by sharing stories of people fighting homelessness or drug addition and letting others know how they can help.  There is also a huge opportunity for people across our country  to make a difference by donating their time to volunteer work, donating food to a food pantry or visiting a veterans hospital just to say thanks.   We should all challenge the media to put down their “reality TV” reporting, stop the constant drum beat of negativity and use their media power to help our country unite so that we address the issues in the “real news”.





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