Sick and Tired of Divisive Rhetoric

untitledSomehow we made it through the election.  The media was unrelenting in attacking Trump and Trump supporters.  Their approach was vicious, the name-calling was unprecedented and their constant pounding of “phobic rhetoric” has left our country divided.  Protesters scream racist and sexist remarks but when questioned, are unable to give an example as they are just repeating media spin and chatter.  People have been unjustly labeled, stories have taken ugly spins and journalists have given up their values to beat the liberal drum.

The Media muck is just as bad now as it was during the election.  Journalists, commentators and talk show hosts believe its their duty to voice their personal opinions even if it means tearing the country apart.  They continue to report the ‘popular vote’ to fuel protestor flames knowing it doesn’t make a difference in the outcome. The media’s most recent attacks on people who have been appointed to help bring this country together is further testament that they cannot see good in anything or anybody and will always choose controversy over accomplishment.   They are fighting against America with no interest is seeing the country come together and move forward.  Sadly, maybe sparking controversy is the only way they get viewers.

President Obama, who has created more division between races and gender than any president in our time, is shirking his responsibility as a leader and has failed to take a stand against violent protests.  He has also started touting negative messages about Trump that does nothing but damage our country.  The media accepts this behavior and looks the other way as the democratic mantra of ‘stronger together’ has been exposed as a ruse.

People are tired of all the divisive rhetoric.  The votes have been cast.  The election is over.  Trump has won.  But people still have choices to make.  Politicians, journalists and Americans can choose to work together to bring positive change or continue to wallow in chaos, name-calling and ugly rhetoric.  I hope they choose wisely.

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