The New Normal Shouldn’t Be The New Normal

nbcnewyorkWhen did this image become the new normal?  When I saw this picture of a New York City street on New Year’s Eve it made me think of a time when things didn’t look this way.  I thought about a similar image when I traveled to Europe about 20 years ago.  When  exiting the plane in a European city I remember how terrified I felt when I saw a large number of police with assault rifles at the airport.  I had never seen this in the U.S. and thought about how bad things must be to need this type of law enforcement protecting citizens.  It made me glad I lived in the U.S. where things were different.   Well, not anymore.  This is the image on the streets of New York City in 2016.   Add to this a zillion garbage trucks to protect people from terrorist truck attacks and you have our new normal.

How did we let things get this way?  What happened to the time where you could walk the streets and feel safe, go to a parade and not worry about being mowed down by a truck or enjoy an evening at a night club without thinking about becoming the next terror attack victim?  I hope we can get back to those days.  I am optimistic that the Trump administration will take action to bring us back to a day when we don’t need an army of police with assault rifles to feel safe on our streets and our old normal can once again become our new normal.


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