CNN Scores Least Trusted News Network – Must Have Been A Close Call

media-outletsThe competition for least trusted news network must have been tough.  There are so many networks spinning untrue  negative rhetoric about Trump that it is amazing there wasn’t a 6-way tie for the title of least trusted.  To this day the media continues to spin stories so they reflect the negative side of anything that Trump is involved in.  Instead of reporting who will be performing at the inauguration, the media spends more time reporting who doesn’t want to perform.  Instead of reporting details about the 1st class team that Trump has selected, the media gives prime time coverage to those who will oppose the selections.  And instead of highlighting the jobs that will be coming back due to Trump’s action, the media will spend twice the time discussing who in Hollywood is still whining about the election.  Really?

When will the media figure out that most of us are sick and tired of their constant negativity and rhetoric toward our incoming President.  It’s bad enough that the Dems, who swore they would accept the election results, keep whining and complaining but to have the media do the same is pathetic.  This is why trust in the media is at an all time low and why many people are turning to social media and on-line journalists to get unbiased information.  It’s time for the mainstream media to make a choice.  Either keep spewing negative rhetoric or change their approach and become a news network that Americans deserve.  I hope they choose wisely.


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