CNN Scores Least Trusted News Network – Must Have Been A Close Call

media-outletsThe competition for least trusted news network must have been tough.  There are so many networks spinning untrue  negative rhetoric about Trump that it is amazing there wasn’t a 6-way tie for the title of least trusted.  To this day the media continues to spin stories so they reflect the negative side of anything that Trump is involved in.  Instead of reporting who will be performing at the inauguration, the media spends more time reporting who doesn’t want to perform.  Instead of reporting details about the 1st class team that Trump has selected, the media gives prime time coverage to those who will oppose the selections.  And instead of highlighting the jobs that will be coming back due to Trump’s action, the media will spend twice the time discussing who in Hollywood is still whining about the election.  Really?

When will the media figure out that most of us are sick and tired of their constant negativity and rhetoric toward our incoming President.  It’s bad enough that the Dems, who swore they would accept the election results, keep whining and complaining but to have the media do the same is pathetic.  This is why trust in the media is at an all time low and why many people are turning to social media and on-line journalists to get unbiased information.  It’s time for the mainstream media to make a choice.  Either keep spewing negative rhetoric or change their approach and become a news network that Americans deserve.  I hope they choose wisely.


Sick and Tired of Divisive Rhetoric

untitledSomehow we made it through the election.  The media was unrelenting in attacking Trump and Trump supporters.  Their approach was vicious, the name-calling was unprecedented and their constant pounding of “phobic rhetoric” has left our country divided.  Protesters scream racist and sexist remarks but when questioned, are unable to give an example as they are just repeating media spin and chatter.  People have been unjustly labeled, stories have taken ugly spins and journalists have given up their values to beat the liberal drum.

The Media muck is just as bad now as it was during the election.  Journalists, commentators and talk show hosts believe its their duty to voice their personal opinions even if it means tearing the country apart.  They continue to report the ‘popular vote’ to fuel protestor flames knowing it doesn’t make a difference in the outcome. The media’s most recent attacks on people who have been appointed to help bring this country together is further testament that they cannot see good in anything or anybody and will always choose controversy over accomplishment.   They are fighting against America with no interest is seeing the country come together and move forward.  Sadly, maybe sparking controversy is the only way they get viewers.

President Obama, who has created more division between races and gender than any president in our time, is shirking his responsibility as a leader and has failed to take a stand against violent protests.  He has also started touting negative messages about Trump that does nothing but damage our country.  The media accepts this behavior and looks the other way as the democratic mantra of ‘stronger together’ has been exposed as a ruse.

People are tired of all the divisive rhetoric.  The votes have been cast.  The election is over.  Trump has won.  But people still have choices to make.  Politicians, journalists and Americans can choose to work together to bring positive change or continue to wallow in chaos, name-calling and ugly rhetoric.  I hope they choose wisely.

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Real News vs Reality TV News

media-outletsNews, defined by some as noteworthy events, has become lost in the “reality TV” age of reporting.  As journalist scramble to find the one bloodied protester in a crowd or poke a stick at an official to summon a viral response, the real news gets lost.  Reality TV News has done our country a disservice as they focus our attention to which Hollywood star can say the rudest thing about someone or why some fashion designer won’t provide services to the First Lady.  Meanwhile, the real news and the people impacted by the real news are forgotten.  So what does the real news sound like?

  • 20 veterans commit suicide each day
  • 3,100 violent crimes are committed each day (these are only reported crimes)
  • 43.1 million people including 11.5 million children live in poverty
  • 15.8 million households are ‘food insecure’ – that means they are hungry
  • 131 drug overdoses occur each day
  • More than 500,000 people are homeless

How have we, as a country, lost focus on this?  Where is the outrage?   Where is the protest? Why is this not front page news every day?  Have we become so numb to these outrageous statistics that it doesn’t fit our definition as “newsworthy”.   There is a huge opportunity for the media to make a difference by reporting on these facts everyday, by sharing stories of people fighting homelessness or drug addition and letting others know how they can help.  There is also a huge opportunity for people across our country  to make a difference by donating their time to volunteer work, donating food to a food pantry or visiting a veterans hospital just to say thanks.   We should all challenge the media to put down their “reality TV” reporting, stop the constant drum beat of negativity and use their media power to help our country unite so that we address the issues in the “real news”.




Freedom Without Values is Chaos

flagAs we watch the violence spreading across our country it has become apparent that we desperately need to bring back American values.  Core to having freedom of choice is making the right choice and understanding the difference between right and wrong.   For example, it is wrong to steal, it is wrong to cheat, it is wrong to lie, it is wrong to loot, it is wrong to kill innocent people,  it is wrong to abuse children, it is wrong to break the law.   Most people would agree that these are values we all hold dear but if so, how can our country be in such disarray?  Somehow our value system has been compromised by the word ‘tolerance’.   If we impose our values on someone we are called out as intolerant.  But our values is what defines us as a great nation.

When given freedom of choice, our values enable us to make the right choice.  When given freedom of speech, our values enable us to be respectful when exercising this right.  And when given the freedom to protest, our values is what keeps us from turning to looting and violence.   As our values diminish so does our freedom as more laws and controls are put in place to manage our choices.

Freedom without values is chaos.


Transforming Our Government Agencies

e2logo-savedImplementing successful change in our government agencies will not only require translating new policy into action but will require transforming how government agencies work.  As an experienced Business Transformation Executive and Change Leader in a FORTUNE 200 company, I can attest to how daunting this task sounds for an organization as large as the federal government but businesses across our nation have figured it out. Once a strategic direction is defined, the real work begins in getting agencies to embrace and execute the new approach and achieve sustainable change. Government leaders will need to nurture innovation, inspire employees and engage them in the transformation effort. Government employees must learn and apply continuous improvement tools to successfully implement process change and to sustain ongoing improvements. And cultural norms will need to be adjusted to allow for a new way of doing business.

If You Can Stand It You Deserve It

scarry-eyes1My dad used to say “If You Can Stand It You Deserve It” which meant quit complaining and go do something about it.  On November 8th we have an opportunity to do just that – do something about how our country is run.  If you are tired of jobs leaving our country, the terrorist threat, uncontrolled immigration, crime in our inner cities, failing education system, rising healthcare cost and a $20 trillion debt, do something about it and vote for Trump.  There are 3 days left until Nov 8th and there are many ways to engage.  Last Thursday we volunteered at our local GOP office to organize materials needed for election day, today my spouse is knocking on doors and I am putting in double duty on pro-Trump social media.  Why?  Because we can’t stand it and we don’t deserve what is happening.    If you are ready for change, better jobs, controlled immigration, safer inner-cities, improved national security, better care for our vets, better education and the opportunity to live the American dream, then get out and vote for Trump.  America deserves better and Trump can lead us there.  Vote Trump and be a part of the change!

Most Americans Want The Same Thing

peopleMost Americans, regardless of their race, gender, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation want the same thing:  Jobs, education, security, freedom and opportunity.  There are those who have been working hard to segment us, put us in baskets and create division based on our differences or single-issue interests.  We will never agree on everything and many of us have specific issues that we may be passionate about, but in the end, we all want the same thing for our country, for our people and for our children.   Most citizens agree that we are not headed down the right path.  Jobs are scarce, terrorism is on the rise, the middle-east is unstable, crime is up, our veterans are not being taken care of, our education system is failing us and healthcare is not affordable.   These are real issues that affect all of us regardless of our race, gender, ethnic background, religion or sexual orientation.  We can’t fix our issues by doing the same thing and having the same people in government, who are more focused on their own power and money than on the well-being of our citizens.  We can only move forward with change.  Donald Trump offers us this change.  He understands that we can maintain peace through strength, that keeping our country secure protects our freedom and that every person has the right to pursue the American dream.  It is my hope that people will  have the courage to vote for the change we need to Make America Great Again.  Vote Trump and be part of the change.