Most Americans Want The Same Thing

peopleMost Americans, regardless of their race, gender, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation want the same thing:  Jobs, education, security, freedom and opportunity.  There are those who have been working hard to segment us, put us in baskets and create division based on our differences or single-issue interests.  We will never agree on everything and many of us have specific issues that we may be passionate about, but in the end, we all want the same thing for our country, for our people and for our children.   Most citizens agree that we are not headed down the right path.  Jobs are scarce, terrorism is on the rise, the middle-east is unstable, crime is up, our veterans are not being taken care of, our education system is failing us and healthcare is not affordable.   These are real issues that affect all of us regardless of our race, gender, ethnic background, religion or sexual orientation.  We can’t fix our issues by doing the same thing and having the same people in government, who are more focused on their own power and money than on the well-being of our citizens.  We can only move forward with change.  Donald Trump offers us this change.  He understands that we can maintain peace through strength, that keeping our country secure protects our freedom and that every person has the right to pursue the American dream.  It is my hope that people will  have the courage to vote for the change we need to Make America Great Again.  Vote Trump and be part of the change.


Veterans Deserve Better

veteransWhen veterans return home from protecting our freedom,  we should honor them and help them re-engage in our community.   Some may want to pursue education while others are looking for employment.  There are also some who have been wounded or have other health issues that need to be tended to.  Whatever their need, it is important that we serve them as they have served us.   We need efficient and effective programs and processes that help them with educational choices, finding employment and most importantly assist them with their health needs.   In particular, their medical needs should be addressed in a timely manner, with quality service and no hassle processes.

I am looking forward to a Donald Trump presidency for many reasons, one of which is his commitment to fixing broken processes so that we can better serve our veterans.  Trump is right when he talks about dismantling the bureaucracy and reducing complexity.  As a business transformation executive I have led many such initiatives resulting in better service and lower cost.  Trump will bring business sense to our government and along with it business process improvement.  I am looking forward to being a part of the change.  With Trump we have the opportunity to Make America Great Again!

The Swamp is Leaking

drain-swampThere are many  who live in the D.C. swamp.  Politicians, media, big donors, lobbyist, government officials and a group of others who swim in the  special ‘circle’ of friends.   Through valiant efforts of a few courageous reporters, Wikileaks and media outlets, information is slowly leaking out of the swamp and the breadth and depth of corruption is being exposed.   The lies, pay-to-play, special favors and cover-ups are the result of an intricate pattern of connected people who are obliged to help one another  . . . for a price.  Most American voters are tired of it and want change.  Some, who benefit from the activity, are bent on keeping things as they are.

It is becoming obvious that Hillary and her swamp friends are desperate to stay in power to keep things as they are.  They are most likely also afraid that if Trump is elected and “Drains the Swamp” that their shenanigans will be exposed.  Well, folks, I say it’s time for change, to take our country back and to elect government officials who have our best interest in mind and who will represent us, the people.   The only way that we can accomplish that is to “Drain the Swamp” and the only person that can lead that effort is Trump.  For those of you who love this country, who want to grow and prosper, who want to keep our freedom, the choice could not be more clear.  It’s time to elect Donald Trump as our president!

Voting Based on Gender Reinforces the Very Thing Women Fight Against Every Day

man-womanUnequal or unfair treatment of people based on their gender is alive and well in America as demonstrated by the women who have decided to vote for Hillary just because she is “a woman”.   I recently watched a young lady who was interviewed and said she was voting for Hillary because she wanted to be part of making history in electing the first woman president but could not point to a single issue or policy that Hillary was touting.  Geez, can you imagine if anyone said they were voting for Trump because he was a man.  It would be a media frenzy.

What women should understand is that voting for a candidate  based on their gender is reinforcing the very thing that women fight against everyday – unfair treatment based on gender.  Women who get suckered into emotional voting based on gender have no right to speak on equality and no right to complain when other important decisions, whether its a position or pay, are based on gender.    After all, their voting decision just reinforced gender as a viable attribute for making an important decision.

The historical significance of having a female candidate for a major party is so much smaller than the historical significance if Hillary gets to the White House and our country continues to decline into a third world mess where lies, cover-ups and pay-for-play feeds government corruption.    If women want more and better jobs, a stronger economy, strong borders, safety and security and to be counted as a real voice, then the choice could not be clearer.  Vote Trump!

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Women Are Focusing on Issues

us-mapWomen in this country want the same thing as everyone else: Safety, security, good jobs, fair pay, economic growth and a better future for our kids.  They realize that Americans need all these things to be successful.  Donald Trump offers policies and positions that will bring much needed change to America.  I have been following the election through various media and have been appalled at the corruption, lies, pay-to-play and voter violence associated with Hillary Clinton and her campaign.  But one of the most appalling things is that Hillary thinks that women are so feeble that they can’t deal with stupid sexual comments or can’t see through her campaign’s attempt to garner women’s votes based on unsubstantiated accusations.  Really?  Give me a break.  Women are smarter than that and are focusing on the real issues in this country.

Donald Trump will help us take our country back and preserve the freedom we hold so dear.  He knows how to create jobs and will put America first.   The truth is that none of us will ever agree with any candidate 100% of the time but I hope we can all agree that lies, corruption, deceit and cover-ups like those surrounding Hillary should never be allowed to exist in our government.  So if you are one of those women who are still undecided in this election because of some potty mouth talk, put your ‘big girl pants on’ and deal with the minutia that is diverting you from the real issues.   We need change and Trump will make it so.   We Win With Trump!


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Corruption Galore . . . How Does It Happen?

corruptionAs things continue to unfold and the breadth and depth of the corruption in the Clinton campaign and our government is slowly revealed, you have to wonder how we got here.   Most people can’t believe what is going on and wonder why no one in government has spoken up.  Are they all corrupt?  Maybe or it could be something else.  Corruption exists in many companies and can go unchecked for a long time until one day, something happens and the whole organization is exposed.  The investigations begin and people start wondering why nobody saw it coming.   The truth is, many people are aware of wrong-doing, some may have tried to say something or do something about it but if leadership is corrupt, it is a losing battle.  Those who try to bring up unethical behavior or wrongdoing are often marked as ‘non team players’ and swept aside.  Those who persist in seeing justice are labeled as having ‘sharp elbows’ and eventually are ‘dealt with’.  People see how these things are handled and decide that it’s not worth it to speak up because they don’t want to lose their job and/or speaking up won’t change things.  Corruption continues to go unchecked until something happens that cannot be controlled by those in power and eventually the game is up.

Our country has reached this threshold and it is frightening.  The ‘powerful’ that have successfully controlled activities (which include the Clintons), the media and the narrative are now being challenged by a courageous outsider, Donald Trump, who is not afraid to speak the truth.  Due to the corruption of government agencies and the media, Americans are having to rely on WikiLeaks and undercover stings, who are not controlled by those in power, to get to the truth.  Eventually the truth will be revealed and the corruption will be exposed at which time it will be up to us, the American citizens, to take action.

It’s time for Americans to stand up and demand justice and hold those who have broken the law accountable.  It’s time to elect a leader who will not tolerate lies, deceit, pay-to-play and cronyism and will make sure that justice will be served.   It’s time to put aside partisanship and do what is right for America.   It’s time to elect Donald Trump.

Media Madness

scarry-eyes1Who would have ever thought that a major corruption story would be uncovered and the media would look the other way.  Only in a third world country, right?  No.  It’s happening right here, right now.   James O’Keefe recently released a video substantiating that the Clinton campaign had paid agitators to cause violence at Trump rallies.  This was not a one-person operation but involved hundreds of operatives across the country.  The video revealed a level of deceit that is unheard of and the main stream media sat silent.  Twitter was going crazy as the video went viral and in less than 24 hours had 2.4 million views and still the main stream media was silent.  I could not believe it.  Huge corruption, deceit and scandal and no media coverage.  24 hours later, with the exception of Sean Hannity, a FOX News show host and commentator and a few other, the media was still silent  This is madness and solidifies the distrust that has been building toward the media over the past years.

Eventually, thanks to social media and other outlets, millions of Americans will learn the truth in spite of the silent media.  What other corruption stories is the media hiding?  Why are they afraid to report the truth?  How will the public stay informed?  Who is behind the media madness?

We cannot afford 4 more years of the lies, corruption and cover-up.  America deserves better.  America needs Trump.